Educating Generations for Christ Disassociates Itself from Eben-Ezer Mission & Michel Morisett

As of September 2014, Educating Generations for Christ is no longer working with Eben-Ezer Mission or the Christian University of Haiti because of serious unresolved issues with their leader, Michel Morisett. While teaching at U.C.H. in 2014, things came to a head, at which time our ministry felt that we could no longer support the leadership. We do not desire to raise the specific issues here on this social media format because we have chosen to leave it in the hands of the heavenly Father to deal with. However, until such a time as there are serious changes in the leadership and the way that the mission and university are run, we cannot support the mission and we cannot recommend others working with them. Finally, we love and appreciate the many wonderful students and people living and working at the mission. We developed loving relationships with these precious brothers and sisters and hold them close to our hearts to this day. Our prayer is that these precious saints will be set free to live in the liberty of the Spirit and grow up into spiritual maturity, for Christ has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of love, power, and a self-control.

Listening Intently to God’s Voice

“For us to become this ‘end-time prophetic voice,’ we must abide in the presence of the Lord and intently listen for and respond to His voice. This requires a separation from other voices…” – Wade Taylor

For all of you who wonder what these Fribergs have been doing since we returned from Haiti, this is it. We’ve been abiding in His presence and listening intently to His voice so that we can respond and obey His will and do what He is showing us to do.

This time of transition has been a season of separation from other voices – in order to hear His voice clearly and then to be able to respond in obedience and do His will. Jesus did nothing unless He saw the Father doing it, and we must do the same. Instead of simply rushing back overseas on our own, we must first wait upon Him and hear His voice, and only then move forward in obedience to His voice.

Declaring God’s Works in Haiti

Our Haitian missionary service began back in 2011 with Eben-Ezer Mission. The Lord has recently conveyed that our assignment at the Christian University of Haiti (UCH) is to be concluded. We came here to disciple young leaders, teach the Word of God and His commandments, train teachers, and implement principle approach education. By God’s grace and Spirit, we have worked diligently to this end. Therefore, we will be moving back to North Carolina in the middle of November to seek the Lord’s face for His plan.

As we come to the close of our time in Haiti, we would like to remember all of the good things that God has done. We are in awe of God who called us, equipped us, and worked in us to accomplish so much in these past two years. Rejoice with us as we recount for God’s glory the good works and good fruit that He prepared beforehand for us to do here in Haiti.

While still in North Carolina in 2012, God led me (Josiah) to mentor a team of four Haitian educational leaders in principle approach Christian education. I lived with them for twelve weeks doing intensive discipleship and biblical worldview training, led them on historical tours of Plymouth, Boston, Lexington, and Williamsburg, and escorted them to the Foundation for American Christian Education conference in Virginia Beach where they met several key contacts.

From 2013 through 2014 I have been privileged to teach many courses to our UCH students and Eben-Ezer’s school teachers. Working as a team with Brizard and Dr. Claire, we restarted UCH with a 17-week spring 2014 semester with 25 students and four professors, and then prepared for the next 15-week fall semester. It was such a blessing to plant the seeds of God’s Word into the hearts of the students in chapel every morning for fifteen weeks. Also, with the help of our financial supporters, we gave English Study Bibles to nine students.

Our family’s greatest joy has been to reach out to the students and love them, pouring our lives into these future leaders, serving them and discipling them. We were blessed to open our home to feed those students who were not being fed regularly and to enjoy their fellowship and learn some Creole.

Part of UCH’s vision is to send students to America for short-term educational trips. I was given the job of helping to obtain 5-year visas for ten of our students. I accompanied them to the American Embassy in Port-au-Prince, and God poured out His favor and granted all of them the visas they needed. As a result, we were able to send two students to Massachusetts and four to Idaho. This not only gave the students valuable cross-cultural experience, but also opened the door for a new student exchange program.

It has also been a joy and privilege to preach the message of the Kingdom and to teach obedience to God’s commandments and principles. God sent me out to preach in Gonaives and surrounding villages, to teach in several pastors’ conferences, and to preach at several youth camps. There is such a lack of expository Bible preaching here that it breaks my heart to see the sheep not being fed with the words of God. Each time I spoke I could feel God’s anointing and feel the hunger of the people who came to receive the God’s Word.

We hosted many visitors to the mission, including a precious team of high schoolers from Paul Jehle’s New Testament Christian School in Plymouth, Mass. It was my responsibility to plan, organize, and administrate a pastors’ conference and a youth conference at which the Plymouth team ministered. The Word of God and Kingdom principles were taught over three days, and we believe the seeds planted will bring a harvest in years to come. With the muscle and funds provided by the Plymouth team, we began construction on a new school building in the poor village of Pacot.

Working with Brizard and Claire as a team, we completed several three-day seminars of teacher-training for the Eben-Ezer School primary teachers. I was also privileged to teach Biblical principles of parenting to the students’ parents. It was an honor to speak at our school chapel for a number of weeks introducing them to the reading of Pilgrim’s Progress. The students had never heard this classic Christian story and it helped to spark a hunger for reading in their minds.

The Lord gave us many opportunities to be a blessing to the people here. One included raising funds for and distributing trees to school children and farmers as part of a reforestation project. In other projects we were able to raise funds for a water pump and a water tank for the Children’s Home and to facilitate bringing tools from the U.S. to help the mechanics at the mission. God also gave us the chance to assist visiting dignitaries during the Lion’s Club eye glasses distribution.

I would like to share how God has used Brenda, Caydia, and Judah to be a blessing to the people and to grow in their love and faith in the process. We were blessed to be able to integrate the UCH students into our family life through class activities, games, work projects, and meals. Caydia and Judah developed loving relationships with over 20 students. It was a treat to have Caydia and Judah assist me in my classes with games and activities like Bible sword drills.  It was a blessing working so close to home, only 99 steps from home to work. The Lord used the proximity of our home and classroom to integrate my life with the lives of my children. God also used Brenda, Caydia, and Judah to teach art and spark creativity in the kids of the Children’s Home through fun weekly art projects and to build relationship with them. Brenda also got involved teaching English in a kindergarten class and then helped with a public presentation of English at the Kindergarten graduation ceremonies.

Our family grew much closer to each other through daily family walks, family devotions, Sabbath days of rest together, games and fun activities, and a family-integrated approach to ministry to the students. We also planted over 40 trees & plants in our yard to provide long term shade and beauty and to improve the property for those who will live here after we leave. Through it all, Brenda was faithful to do the most important work of all, which is to disciple and train our own children to know God, to love and obey Him, to keep His commandments, and to follow Him all the days of their lives (Psalm 78). In spite of the sweltering heat and humidity, Brenda faithfully homeschooled Caydia and Judah during our entire time in Haiti. All glory to God for all that He has accomplished in us, and through us, and for His glory and the glory of His Kingdom in Haiti.

Please pray for us during this season of transition. Pray for God to provide us with a house to live in for at least the next six months in North Carolina while we discern God’s plan for the future. We’ve decided to take our vehicle out of long term storage, so we no longer need to borrow one. We are looking forward to having a time of rest, recuperation, and regrouping so that we can be prepared for God’s next Kingdom assignment to educate generations for Christ.

Discipling Future Leaders in Haiti

UCH students studying the Bible and God's Kingdom principles which apply to all of life

UCH students studying the Bible and God’s Kingdom principles which apply to all of life

Greetings from the Friberg family in Gonaives, Haiti. The spring semester has just ended at the Universite Christienne Haiti and most of the students have headed home for their summer break. The last few weeks were busy for Josiah with exams, grading, and wrapping things up for the year. Josiah had a good solid semester of intense discipleship with the second year students. Josiah taught the Christian Philosophy of Education class and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom course (using Paul Jehle’s GoYe Therefore Vol. 1 book and materials), as well as the Bible Study Methods & Hermeneutics class. The students also took courses on Marriage and Family and on Health and Development with Brizard Valcin and Dr. Claire.

Jean-Rony, Daniel, & Caleb with their new English Study Bibles

Jean-Rony, Daniel, & Caleb with their new English NASB Study Bibles

Each student enthusiastically received an English Study Bible donated by friends of the ministry. One of their favorite activities was doing “Sword Drills” with their new Bibles. They really dug into the books of James and Titus, made timelines and outlines, did quite a few word studies using the Bible, concordance, Vine’s dictionary, and the 1828 Webster Dictionary. They learned how to interpret and apply Scripture through the 4R’s of the Principle Approach, which are researching, reasoning, recording, and relating.

We’ve enjoyed getting to know many of the students over the past few months. Our favorite times with them aside from teaching in the classroom are the personal times that we have with them over lunch in our home. We have 4 students join us each day for the main meal of the day. The lunchtime is not only a practical way to reach out and provide sustenance for their physical needs, but it gives us the chance to bond with them. We learn about their families, their homes, and their

Judah in an intense conversation with Acenet

Judah in an intense conversation with Acenet

dreams and aspirations. Sometimes we sing hymns in Creole, practice Creole and English after lunch is through, and throw in a game or two. One of the funniest games we play is Simon Says in English for them and then in Creole for us. It is entertaining and it really does help with vocabulary. Many of the students really want to improve their English skills and we really want to improve our Creole, so it has been a great time and beneficial for all of us.

School is also out of session for the elementary and high schools. Some of the kids in the school live at the Children’s Home that is part of Mission Eben-Ezer. Brenda, Caydia, and Judah have begun holding art classes for these precious kids. Art gives

Proud of her artistic creation

Proud of her artistic creation

the kids a chance to learn new skills, gain confidence in their abilities, and to express themselves creatively. We were all created as unique individuals with a unique design and purpose, and it’s a beautiful way to instill this principle in their hearts. We’ve only just begun, but it already has been a joy to teach them, to watch them enjoy the process, and to see them realize that they each have a creative spirit. We make sure to have each child put their name on their own work of art. We also hang up their pictures on the walls of their home which brings color, beauty, and a personal touch to their surroundings. After putting them up, we’ve seen some of them wandering up and down the hall admiring everybody’s artwork.

Josiah is also training the Eben-Ezer school teachers this summer. They will gather together for further practical training in Principle Approach. They will be

Training & equipping Christian teachers

Training & equipping Christian teachers

learning Biblical principles to teach from in every subject. Currently there are 40 + teachers at the schools which reach over 700 students over the year. The training is important to reinforce principles they’ve already been taught and to expand the understanding of a truly Biblical education and worldview.

We want to thank all of you who donated funds for us to obtain our visas. Praise God, we received all the funding needed. We are still in the process of gathering the final paperwork to submit our application. We hope to have the visas within the next month or so.

Josiah & Brenda, Caydia & Judah Friberg,  Educating Generations for Christ

Josiah & Brenda, Caydia & Judah Friberg, Educating Generations for Christ

Educating and training multiple connected generations for Christ is our God-given vision for Haiti. We have been called to shape, sharpen, and mentor the next several generations and then to help aim them in the right direction to make the maximum impact for the Kingdom of God and to destroy the works of the enemy in the process. Our mission statement is “Educating Generations for Christ!”

This is the family ministry of Josiah & Brenda Friberg, in unison with our spiritual “arrows,” Caydia and Judah. We live in Gonaives, Haiti, and partner with Eben-Ezer Mission and the Christian University of Haiti. If you would like to support our multi-generational spiritual and educational ministry, please contact us by email.

Missionary support level for the Friberg family living in Haiti:

Current Level as of Aug. 2014 –  $ 875 / month       Target Level  –  $ 1,500 / month

Pastors’ Conference in Haiti


Let me begin by declaring the wonderful works of God that took place this last week here in Haiti. The purpose of the conference and the reason I felt led by God to assist the leaders with putting together a teaching team was to impart God’s Spirit and life to these hungry and needy Haitian pastors through the ministry of the Word and through prayer and personal ministry. Thankfully, God had a lot of people praying for our team and for the pastors and leaders who attended. I am overjoyed in my spirit with how God’s Spirit moved in the lives of all who participated, as well as how He blessed, challenged, and inspired those of us on the teaching team (David White, David Sweat, & myself).

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God was preached for three solid days, and we know that His Word will not return void, but will bring about the purpose for which it was sent. The people received with open hearts the many messages that were taught, and God’s Spirit was moving to connect each message with the next in a providential pattern of foundations and principles. I was so privileged and blessed to be able to teach about disicipleship and the Kingdom of God, as well as how to live and walk in the Spirit and how to be a spiritual man. David Sweat taught the principles of stewardship, forgiveness, and faith in God. And David White laid a good foundation of faith and how to hear the voice of God, as well as some other related topics. All in all, the preaching and teaching accomplished the purposes that God had in orchestrating this conference. The pastors and leaders went home greatly encouraged, spiritually uplifted and challenged, strengthened in their faith and in their relationship with God, and better trained and equipped to fulfill the call of God on their lives and ministries. In the evenings, the conference was opened up to the public and members of the church that was hosting the conference, and the place was packed out. On the last evening, we handed out certificates of completion to each of the pastors and leaders who attended the conference. The people received us with open hearts and even prayed for us on the last day. My spirit rejoices in all that God’s Spirit did in the hearts and lives of those who attended.



In addition, each of the team members received multiple blessings and enlarged vision for reaching Haiti with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. During our two day trip up to Cape Haitian, God orchestrated in his sovereign way to have us meet a true “father of the faith” named Tony Paul. In fact, we were blessed to be able to spend the night in his beautiful mission guest house where we each got a shower, a good night’s sleep, and several wonderful meals. In addition to their generous hospitality, we enjoyed some dear fellowship in the Spirit with Tony and his wife and daughter.



The biggest blessing we each received was to sit at his feet and hear him share his powerful testimony of how God saved him out of a life of Voodoo, poverty, sickness, despair, and hopelessness, as well as how God turned his life around for his glory and then used him to proclaim Jesus as Lord over Haiti. He told us of how God preserved his life when he took a public stand on the radio against the government and the voodoo priests who were trying to renew the two hundred year contract with the devil through a planned ceremony in 1991. We heard of how they wanted him dead, threatened his life, and tried to kill him and his team. He was even arrested right in the middle of an 8-day crusade by the Chief of Police and thrown into jail with two other leaders. And yet, God was with them and they overcame the enemy by the power of the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death. We were so amazed at God’s fruit in his life that we asked him the next day if we could record his testimony so that we could remember it and share it with others back in the US. He was gracious to let us do that the next day, and we now plan to transcribe his testimony and make it available to others to read and be encouraged in their faith. The visit to Tony’s house was totally unplanned, and yet God had planned it all along and worked in our circumstances to get us to stay the night at his house and hear his testimony. David, David, and myself were each stirred up in our spirits to pray more and ask God for greater effectiveness for the Gospel in Haiti as God transforms it from a Voodoo nation of darkness and poverty and misery to a Christian nation that exalts and worships the God of the Bible and where Jesus reigns supreme.

Why Are We Moving To Haiti?


Josiah, Caydia, Judah, & Brenda Friberg Serving in Haiti

PREPARING TO DEPART FOR HAITI AS A MISSIONARY FAMILY:  After another three months in Haiti, I (Josiah) flew back to North Carolina to be reunited with my Brenda, Caydia, and Judah. We are temporarily staying with Brenda’s mom in N. Wilkesboro before our imminent departure. We’re busy packing up the 12 large suitcases we will take to Haiti as we prepare to make the big move some time during the next few weeks.


The only thing we are now waiting for is our airline tickets to Haiti which will cost about $4,000. Thankfully, our Father has already provided $1,500 just in the last two weeks. In addition, we need about $2,000 for things we need to take with us and for things we will need to buy in Haiti when we get there such as a gas stove, small fridge, & furniture.

If the LORD puts it on your heart to help us make this timely move to Haiti, please email us at our ministry or give us a call. Those who desire to support our ministry can make donations using our website and Paypal or checks can be sent to our ministry mailing address.

FRIBERGS, TELL US WHY YOU’RE MOVING TO HAITI:    We are going to Haiti because the Lord of the Harvest has sent us there as His Kingdom representatives to preach, to teach, to train, and to mentor generations for Christ. Our focus is the Lord Jesus Christ. Our main task is to make disciples of the nation of Haiti, which means to preach and teach the Gospel of the Kingdom so that Haiti becomes a Christian nation that brings glory to God. In other words, our primary purpose is spiritual and educational. It’s for this reason that we are moving to Haiti to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and train Christian teachers how to be ministers of spirit and life. We are moving to Haiti to be spent by God as He desires because we His bondslaves.

Here are some of the specific things I am doing in Haiti by the grace and power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. First, I am re-training all of the teachers who work at our Eben-Ezer Mission schools. Our goal is to train them in a Biblical worldview, in a Christian philosophy of education, in Principle Approach Christian education, in Biblical teaching methods, and to see their minds renewed by  the Word of God, and to help them develop a Christ-centered, as well as a Biblically-based curriculum.

52574826c67e3.preview-620Second, the leaders of Eben-Ezer Mission have appointed me as a Pastor of our university students, as well as the Chairman of Academic Affairs and Faculty Training for the Christian University of Haiti (UCH). I am discipling and teaching a new generation of leaders through UCH. There are about fifteen new students who have just started in our Integrated Development Program which is a one-year life-transforming discipleship training program. After completing the first year, the students will then continue to be taught, trained, and equipped for another four years before they receive their degrees and are sent out as Christ’s ambassadors. In addition, we have about twenty second-level UCH students who are at different stages of their degree programs. It is such a joy and privilege to be able to pour out our lives through His Spirit as an investment into the Kingdom of God here in Haiti. It is these young and growing leaders that God will use to transform Haiti into a Christian nation. We are so blessed to be able to teach, disciple, and train the next generation from kindergarten all the way up through university level before releasing them as Kingdom ambassadors sent out to influence and transform a pagan Voodoo culture into a Christian culture that displays the glory of God and fulfills the purposes of God for the nation of Haiti.

Third, is the continuing of our own small “home school” through which Brenda and I are educating our children according to Christ and the principles of God’s Word. We are hoping to expand our small home school to become a one-room school house where we can teach our two children, as well as a few Haitian children and a few other missionaries’ children. We have a vision for this becoming a small quality English Christian Academy and a fruitful extension of the Christian University of Haiti. Finally, we know that God has many other Christ-centered tasks and ministries that He will open up to us as we lay our lives down for Him in Haiti.

Fourth, I am involved in helping to teach, train, and equip hundreds of Haitian pastors who have received little to no training at all. Sadly, there are many “pastors” who are not even saved yet, and a large number who don’t know the Word of God, the principles of the Kingdom of God, or the power and life of God.

CRISIS CENTERED  OR  CHRIST CENTERED?  It’s a continual challenge in Haiti to keep our ministry Christ centered rather than crisis centered. The physical needs are so great, so pressing, so “in your face,” that they seem to demand immediate attention. However, in order for anything in Haiti to ever change, God’s people must dig deep, expose the roots of the problems, and then deal correctly with the roots. Without dealing with the root, the fruit will never change. We live as spiritual beings in a spiritual world, and by the Spirit of God we know that Haiti’s major problems all have deep spiritual roots that needs to be dealt first by the Spirit and power of God and His Gospel. We believe that what Haiti really needs is the Spirit of Life found only in the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus commanded His disciples to go and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to all creation, and in their going, to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to obey all that He commanded. In other words, we believe that our main mission strategy is spiritual and educational and must be CHRIST CENTERED.

Please visit our Educating Generations for Christ ministry website:


UCH Discipleship Training Program

The Integrated Development Program of U.C.H. is a unique one-year discipleship training school designed to meet the specific needs of each student through a mentor-based model, not unlike that of Jesus and his disciples. This is not a “one size fits all” program; it is tailor-made to each individual. Your word is a lamp

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines a “disciple” as:  “a follower; an adherent to the doctrines of another.” Hence Christian disciples are those who receive Christ’s spiritual life and practice Christ’s principles & commandments. The call of Jesus echoes down through the centuries: “Come, follow Me!” We are each called to follow the Lamb of God and to abide in Him. Jesus defined the cost of discipleship when He said, “If any one wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer summarized the essence of discipleship in these words: “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.”

The word disciple comes from the Latin word discipulus, derived from disco, meaning to learn. It shares the same origin as the verb “discipline,” which means “to instruct or educate; to prepare by instructing in correct principles and habits; as to discipline youth for future usefulness; to instruct and govern; to teach rules and practice, and accustom to order and subordination; to correct.” We see from this definition that to disciple young people is to educate & discipline them how to live according to God’s principles and spiritual truth. Webster goes on to define “education” as “all that series of instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding, correct the temper, and form the manners and habits of youth, and fit them for usefulness in their future stations.” This is the purpose and goal of UCH’s one-year discipleship training school known as the Integrated Development Program.

Josiah & Brizard inviting and recruiting Christian college professors, teachers, and mission workers to come help teach in the Christian University of Haiti and in the Eben-Ezer Schools, and to assist in many other community outreach projects.

Josiah & Brizard inviting and recruiting Christian college professors, teachers, and mission workers to come help teach in the Christian University of Haiti and in the Eben-Ezer Schools, and to assist in many other community outreach projects.

The U.C.H. faculty are not your typical modern university professors, but rather they will function as disciple-makers, as mentors, as spiritual fathers and mothers, and as models of godliness. The relationship between a faculty disciple-maker and his student (disciple) will be much like the spiritual relationship between the Apostle Paul and his disciple, Timothy, which was like a father-son relationship.

The “curriculum” is simply to make disciples, teaching them to obey all that Jesus commanded, mentoring them in the spiritual life of walking in the Spirit, forming them into the character of Jesus, and establishing in their lives practical life skills, spiritual disciplines, godly habits and manners, healthy relationships, a strong work ethic, self-government under Christ, submission to godly authority, and the foundation of truth according to a Biblical worldview.

DSCF2197 (480x307)The one-year discipleship training school curriculum is practical, relevant, designed to be practiced and applied to real life experience, rather than academic or theoretical. Discipleship is the process of learning derived from practice and experience, not from theory and textbooks. One of the biggest problems in Haiti is that education is for the most part theoretical, academic, and textbook-based. Students go to school for fifteen years and practice only rote learning, repetition, memorization, and copying of notes. In general, they never learn how to think, to reason, to evaluate, to research, to understand fundamental principles, to persuade, to communicate well in writing and speaking, and to apply knowledge to the real world of relationships, work, and service. As a result, when they graduate from high school or university, they don’t know how to live in the real world. They have no practical life skills, don’t know how to start a business, don’t know how to serve in the community, don’t know how to establish a healthy marriage and family, don’t know how to manage their finances, and don’t know how to fulfill God’s Kingdom purpose for their lives. Therefore, we recognize the great need for a one-year discipleship training school which integrates spiritual truth and practical life principles into the students’ daily lives, in order to prepare them for their four years of university studies at UCH and for their future life work and service in God’s Kingdom.

The Christian University of Haiti is a five-year degree program. The first year is the discipleship-based “Integrated Development Program,” followed by four years of academic and practical instruction in various fields of study. When our students complete the full five-years at UCH, they will receive two degrees, a degree in their Major and a degree in Integrated Development.

DSCF1349 (480x355)We strongly believe in Jesus’ Hebraic model of education which is based in discipleship, mentoring, and a transformational incarnate approach. In Jesus’ model, the goal is for the truth to become one with the disciple to the point that it is lived out. Also, truth is to be learned by practicing it in relationship with others. In addition, truth is learned only when it is reflected in the disciple’s life through right relationship with God, others, and the environment.

Justin Martyr (A.D. 130) declared that the Christian faith revolved around a continuing cycle of “believing, belonging, and behaving,” which is what we would call today “integrated organic development.” 1) Knowing the truth or “Believing” into Christ is a process of understanding who God is and how we relate to Him and to others, which leads to a transformation of our lives in relationship with God and others.  2) This relationship bonds us with other disciples who share that relationship, enabling us to experience a sense of “Belonging” in the community of Christ’s body, a body in which every member works and does its part.  3) The truth transforms us as it becomes incarnated in us and becomes who we are, our very being. It effects our “Behaving” in our relating to God and to others in the community of disciples. Therefore, the cycle of believing, belonging, and behaving results is truth that is practiced and lived out in the daily life of worship, stewardship, relationships, work, and service.

The disciple-making model we are using at UCH in our Integrated Development Program consists of the following elements:

1.      The call to follow Jesus:  “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

2.      Discipleship is relationship-based with a personal godly mentor.

3.      Discipleship is about making disciples who are disciplined and obedient followers of Jesus.

4.      This model requires a deep commitment, an obedient trust in God, a denial of self, a renouncing of the world, and a taking up of the cross including suffering, trials, and persecution.

5.      This model is community-based where our group of disciples live together in one place and share their daily life together with each other and with their mentors. The disciples live together as a Christ-centered community of disciples who enjoy a sense of belonging, acceptance, accountability, and a unifying team spirit.

6.      This model includes teaching each student how to start and run his own business in order to pay for his UCH education and to support himself and his future family. The students learn the value of a solid work ethic and entrepreneurship through UCH’s work-study program.

7.      This model at UCH is a “24/7 discipleship process” without outside obligations or distractions and without family interference or responsibilities.

September Haiti Update

FRIBERG’S MISSIONARY HOUSING RENOVATION –  I (Josiah) returned to Haiti on September 2nd to prepare a cottage home for my family, to help launch the Christian University of Haiti, and to continue Principle Approach teacher-training. There’s much to be done to get the cottage ready for my family.

THE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY OF HAITI PREPARES TO LAUNCH IN OCTOBER – We are currently accepting applications for students at U.C.H. and conducting interviews. The Fall Semester will begin on October 7th here in Gonaives, Haiti. We are offering a 5-year Bachelor’s degree program, with the first year focused entirely on our Integrated Development Program. The first year will be dedicated to DSCF2197 (480x307)discipleship, character formation, developing spiritual and godly habits, work and entrepreneurship, ministry in the church and service in the community, learning how to live a godly and responsible life, and learning many practical life skills that are never learned in primary school, secondary school, or in university in Haiti. In other words, we want to give our first year students the practical life and wisdom skills needed to be successful in God’s Kingdom and to be equipped to be useful in bringing life and transformation to Haiti and to the world. What will this look like? It will be modeled on the way that Jesus discipled and trained the twelve disciples, and will include elements of Samuel’s School of the Prophets, as well as the Apostle Paul’s mentoring team model. Pray for us as we begin mentoring, teaching, training, equipping, and imparting God’s life to these Christian students.

AIRLINE TICKETS – THE LAST STEP BEFORE FAMILY MOVES TO HAITI – Lord willing, the whole family will move to Haiti in early December. In order to do so we need to buy four business class tickets, which will allow us to take twelve DSCF2170 (480x312)70-pound suitcases with us at no extra charge. The total cost to transport the four of us and our luggage to Haiti is $4,000. I plan to return to North Carolina in mid-November in order to help pack up my family’s belongings and bring them to Haiti when the cottage renovation is completed and we have our airline tickets. If you would like to help purchase one or more of these tickets, please contact us by email. Donations can be sent by check to: Educating Generations for Christ, P.O. Box 1110, Moravian Falls, NC 28654.

AN OPEN DOOR TO TRAIN HAITIAN PASTORS – A few weeks ago, the LORD introduced me to Pastor Romeus Anito, who is the president of a Foundation that oversees a network of 500 pastors. Most of these pastors have never received anyDSCF2225 (480x320) kind of Bible training and they have little knowledge of the Word of God. In fact, some of them may not even know the Lord personally. As is often the case in Haiti, a man with some leadership skills can easily become a “pastor” of his own church, without even the calling of God into the ministry. There are many reasons for this, some of which are economic. Nevertheless, God has opened a large door for effective service to these 500 pastors through Pastor Romeus who has a vision to have a Bible School in Gonaives where these pastors can receive teaching, training, and equipping. He also wants to have regular seminars or conferences for these pastors. Pastor Romeus has asked me to speak at a number of these churches and to present a seminar in the next few months for DSCF2260 (480x277)them. Last Sunday I was privileged to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom in Pastor Tedo’s church, and his wife testified that many people in the church experienced real change in their hearts afterwards. Yesterday I got to share the vision for the Christian University of Haiti with about forty of these pastors, who will take that information back to the young people in their congregations. In March, 2014, we are planning a large pastor’s conference here at the mission for these and other pastors, which will be led by Pastor Paul Jehle of Plymouth, Mass. Please keep Pastor Romeus and his network of pastors in your prayers. We are asking the Lord to send us other pastors and apostles whom He has prepared to help assist in this great work.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SOLAR POWER PROJECT? – Regrettably, the new batteries and inverter that we purchased were never delivered and the solar panel was framed in wood rather than aluminum, causing it to begin to fall apart from exposure to the elements. At this point, we only have very old batteries and an old inverter which are not able to store the solar power. Pray for God’s intervention and justice as we are trying to retrieve these items from the dishonest man who bought them for us but never delivered them.

Fribergs Relocating to HAITI

Josiah Friberg moved to Haiti in February 2013 and began training Eben-Ezer Mission’s primary and secondary teachers in Principle Approach Christian education. While doing teacher-training for 13 weeks, the Lord opened up an apartment for the Friberg family which is located upstairs from Eben-Ezer Mission’s Children’s Home on the outskirts of Gonaives. Several major projects need to be completed before Brenda and the kids can join Josiah in Haiti. First, a new well needs to be completed before water can be pumped to the roof water tank to provide running water for the Fribergs and the Children’s Home. This is a work in progress. Second, a kitchen needs to be installed in the Friberg’s apartment complete with cabinets, a sink, a gas stove, and countertops. Thirdly, a wall needs to be constructed and an entrance door added to provide privacy and security. Finally, all of the windows need to be screened to keep out the pesky mosquitoes and minimize the chance of malaria. 100_0842_2web

Josiah returns to Haiti on September 2nd after spending some quality time with his family in North Carolina. One of his main objectives is to prepare the apartment for the rest of his family to live in. In addition, he will be working with his team of educators to relaunch the Christian University of Haiti this fall. PRAY for these two main objectives to be accomplished in the power of the Spirit and according to the will of God.

Finally, this summer there are eight Christian University of Haiti students being trained and mentored in America by various Christian families and leaders. Two are in Massachusetts, two are in Florida, and four are in Idaho. PRAY for these students as the serve in their host communities and churches, learn from their hosts and mentors, improve their English, minister God’s life in the Spirit, and grow spiritually.DSCF1231