Harvard College Mission Statement in 1636

Harvard College Mission Statement 1636

The Pilgrims landed in Plymouth in 1620. The Puritans of England began arriving in 1630. They started what became known as the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Within six or seven years of arriving in the New World, the Puritans established the first college in America known as Harvard College. The Puritans were the fruit of the Protestant Reformation, and when they came to start their own Christian colony, a “city set on a hill,” one of the first things they did was establish a private Christian college for the purpose of training ministers and missionaries for the glory of God and for the advancement of the Christian faith in the New World. Today, once again, America needs to take the lead in establishing truly Christ-centered educational institutions from elementary schools up through colleges and universities. Biblical worldview Christian education is the calling of the Christian family and the Christian church.

My heart cries out to God today for a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview, Principle Approach-based TEACHERS’ COLLEGE in America that would be established to train Christian teachers with a Christ-centered & Biblical philosophy of education, a Biblical worldview, Biblical teaching and learning methods, and a thoroughly Christian curriculum. We desperately need such a teachers’ college to help prepare Christian teachers to teach Christian children in private Christian schools. Contact our ministry if you are interested in supporting, in building, and in helping to establish such a teachers’ college.