John Milton on Education

The purpose of education is to allow God to renew our minds by His Spirit of Truth and by His Word of Truth, thereby imparting His zoe life into our hearts and spirits, so that we may once again know God, fellowship with God, commune with God, love God, become like God, and to experience God in all His fullness. Education involves and includes discipleship, instruction, discerning the fear of the Lord, humbling our hearts to receive God’s revelation of Himself, repentance, rebirth, reconciliation to God, renewal of our minds and hearts, and training in righteousness. The purpose of this ministry is to participate with God in the educating of future generations for Christ so that they may know Him, love Him, follow Him, obey Him, commune with Him, abide in Christ, and keep their covenant with God and keep His commandments, and to pass the baton on to the next generation so that they too will know God and keep covenant with Him.