Good News from Haiti – God’s Providential Provision & Care

First, praise Yahweh Yirah that a well is in the process of being drilled here at the Eben-Ezer Mission base which will provide safe clean water for the children’sDSCF1236 (360x480) home, the Friberg’s & other missionary housing, Dr. Claire’s household, and for all of the other mission buildings, as well as enough extra water to use for irrigation of our agricultural co-op and farm. After food, water is the people’s biggest physical daily need for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry, cleaning, etc. Many Haitians walk long distances to find water wells and carry it home.

Second, praise Yahweh for the solar power panel that has been installed on the roof of the children’s home so that they now have electricity day and night and which will be shared with the Fribergs when we move in upstairs. The vast majority of people living in rural DSCF1040 (480x360)areas live without any electricity, which means when the natural light of the sun is turned off at night, everything is very dark. During my 13 weeks, I’ve learned to do quite a few things in the dark. One of my students loves to read and study in the evening, but he has no access to electricity so he cannot read after 7 pm. God is here at work on this big challenge. He is in the process of creating separate electrical zones on our mission base where each zone is powered by its own solar panels. We’re not there yet, but we are getting closer to this goal. One issue we keep facing is wiring problems which are the result of builders from France who used their 220 way of doing things while trying to create 110 volt systems here. The result is the wrong wiring embedded in concrete which causes all kinds of short circuit problems when we hook up the solar power. Pray for this challenge to be solved so that we can begin enjoying the solar power God has given us.

Third, two weeks ago we took nine UCH students to the U.S. Embassy to apply for visas so that they can travel to the U.S. to receive supplemental training in their fields of study. Much prayer was offered up by the saints here beforehand. We got up at 4:30 am, drove to the capital, and then spent five hours waiting to be interviewed. Because we were a group, DSCF1349 (480x355)we were the last ones to be seen. They began by interviewing me as the group’s representative, and then proceeded to interview each student. One by one, each student received God’s favor and their visa, which was a real miracle! We left the embassy with much rejoicing and singing in the goodness of our God. We finally made it home after a long 16-hour day…but boy, was it worth it. However, that wasn’t the end of the story. A week later, we sent two students back to pick up the passports and visas, not knowing if they would grant 3-month or 1-year visas. To our utter amazement at God’s goodness, every student received a 5-year visa!! This was truly a miracle demonstrating the favor and power of God to provide for His children abundantly.

DSCF1231 (480x220)Finally, these nine students will be coming to America this summer for 4-6 weeks to receive further training in various areas of study such as Christian education, a biblical worldview, worship and music, GED program, and language translation. Lord willing, we plan to send four pairs of students to different parts of the US. The students will be paired up with a fellow student who has the same educational goals. Small teams of two Haitian college students each will be much easier for families and churches to host and to get to know while helping provide opportunities for them to accomplish their goals. This week the student pairs are writing up the educational goals for their trip, and then we will be sending this information to various individuals (and churches) in America to see who can host a pair this summer. We already have one pair lined up to study worship arts and music with Jackie Pierre of Plymouth, Mass. We are looking for hosts for the other three pairs. If you would be interested in hosting one of these UCH student pairs, please contact us right away and we can send you more information about their goals to see if it would be a good match. By the way, the ninth student is the daughter of one of our leaders and she will be going to the U.S. with her father making a father-daughter pair.

Prayer Requests:cropped-EGCWebsiteBanner.jpg

  1. Pray with us for the big project of moving our family to Haiti and setting up a home above the children’s home with a functioning kitchen and working plumbing. Target move date is August.
  2. Pray that God would send us an English language teacher and a French language teacher to help teach in the Language Institute of UCH beginning in August. Pray also for Christian professors who are willing to come short-term and long-term to teach courses in our Christian university (UCH).
  3. Pray for a local Christian leader, Pastor Roosevelt, to be released from prison. He was arrested recently after being falsely accused by his political opponents in order to prevent him from running for mayor of Gonaives. And pray for the leaders of the mission here as well to lead by God’s wisdom, walk by His power, and feed and mentor His sheep: Pastor Michel Morisset, Pastor Joshua Jean, Pastor Cornet, Dr. Claire Chappuis, Brizard Valcin, Jean Noel Preval, and others.
  4. Finally, pray for me and the many large responsibilities I have here with implementing Principle Approach education in our schools, training teachers, mentoring and teaching our university students, starting UCH’s Language Institute in August, and preparing to relaunch and enroll students in the Christian University of Haiti for the fall semester. There is much work to be done, and I need the multifold grace of God to accomplish this in His power and wisdom, trusting in Him completely and not relying on the arm of the flesh. This is a great spiritual work of spiritual transformation, character formation, teaching, mentoring, and equipping, which must be done by God in us and through us. It is impossible to do this work in our own strength, but praise God, we can do all things through Christ who lives in us and who strengthens us to do His will for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.