Fribergs Relocating to HAITI

Josiah Friberg moved to Haiti in February 2013 and began training Eben-Ezer Mission’s primary and secondary teachers in Principle Approach Christian education. While doing teacher-training for 13 weeks, the Lord opened up an apartment for the Friberg family which is located upstairs from Eben-Ezer Mission’s Children’s Home on the outskirts of Gonaives. Several major projects need to be completed before Brenda and the kids can join Josiah in Haiti. First, a new well needs to be completed before water can be pumped to the roof water tank to provide running water for the Fribergs and the Children’s Home. This is a work in progress. Second, a kitchen needs to be installed in the Friberg’s apartment complete with cabinets, a sink, a gas stove, and countertops. Thirdly, a wall needs to be constructed and an entrance door added to provide privacy and security. Finally, all of the windows need to be screened to keep out the pesky mosquitoes and minimize the chance of malaria. 100_0842_2web

Josiah returns to Haiti on September 2nd after spending some quality time with his family in North Carolina. One of his main objectives is to prepare the apartment for the rest of his family to live in. In addition, he will be working with his team of educators to relaunch the Christian University of Haiti this fall. PRAY for these two main objectives to be accomplished in the power of the Spirit and according to the will of God.

Finally, this summer there are eight Christian University of Haiti students being trained and mentored in America by various Christian families and leaders. Two are in Massachusetts, two are in Florida, and four are in Idaho. PRAY for these students as the serve in their host communities and churches, learn from their hosts and mentors, improve their English, minister God’s life in the Spirit, and grow spiritually.DSCF1231

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