September Haiti Update

FRIBERG’S MISSIONARY HOUSING RENOVATION –  I (Josiah) returned to Haiti on September 2nd to prepare a cottage home for my family, to help launch the Christian University of Haiti, and to continue Principle Approach teacher-training. There’s much to be done to get the cottage ready for my family.

THE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY OF HAITI PREPARES TO LAUNCH IN OCTOBER – We are currently accepting applications for students at U.C.H. and conducting interviews. The Fall Semester will begin on October 7th here in Gonaives, Haiti. We are offering a 5-year Bachelor’s degree program, with the first year focused entirely on our Integrated Development Program. The first year will be dedicated to DSCF2197 (480x307)discipleship, character formation, developing spiritual and godly habits, work and entrepreneurship, ministry in the church and service in the community, learning how to live a godly and responsible life, and learning many practical life skills that are never learned in primary school, secondary school, or in university in Haiti. In other words, we want to give our first year students the practical life and wisdom skills needed to be successful in God’s Kingdom and to be equipped to be useful in bringing life and transformation to Haiti and to the world. What will this look like? It will be modeled on the way that Jesus discipled and trained the twelve disciples, and will include elements of Samuel’s School of the Prophets, as well as the Apostle Paul’s mentoring team model. Pray for us as we begin mentoring, teaching, training, equipping, and imparting God’s life to these Christian students.

AIRLINE TICKETS – THE LAST STEP BEFORE FAMILY MOVES TO HAITI – Lord willing, the whole family will move to Haiti in early December. In order to do so we need to buy four business class tickets, which will allow us to take twelve DSCF2170 (480x312)70-pound suitcases with us at no extra charge. The total cost to transport the four of us and our luggage to Haiti is $4,000. I plan to return to North Carolina in mid-November in order to help pack up my family’s belongings and bring them to Haiti when the cottage renovation is completed and we have our airline tickets. If you would like to help purchase one or more of these tickets, please contact us by email. Donations can be sent by check to: Educating Generations for Christ, P.O. Box 1110, Moravian Falls, NC 28654.

AN OPEN DOOR TO TRAIN HAITIAN PASTORS – A few weeks ago, the LORD introduced me to Pastor Romeus Anito, who is the president of a Foundation that oversees a network of 500 pastors. Most of these pastors have never received anyDSCF2225 (480x320) kind of Bible training and they have little knowledge of the Word of God. In fact, some of them may not even know the Lord personally. As is often the case in Haiti, a man with some leadership skills can easily become a “pastor” of his own church, without even the calling of God into the ministry. There are many reasons for this, some of which are economic. Nevertheless, God has opened a large door for effective service to these 500 pastors through Pastor Romeus who has a vision to have a Bible School in Gonaives where these pastors can receive teaching, training, and equipping. He also wants to have regular seminars or conferences for these pastors. Pastor Romeus has asked me to speak at a number of these churches and to present a seminar in the next few months for DSCF2260 (480x277)them. Last Sunday I was privileged to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom in Pastor Tedo’s church, and his wife testified that many people in the church experienced real change in their hearts afterwards. Yesterday I got to share the vision for the Christian University of Haiti with about forty of these pastors, who will take that information back to the young people in their congregations. In March, 2014, we are planning a large pastor’s conference here at the mission for these and other pastors, which will be led by Pastor Paul Jehle of Plymouth, Mass. Please keep Pastor Romeus and his network of pastors in your prayers. We are asking the Lord to send us other pastors and apostles whom He has prepared to help assist in this great work.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SOLAR POWER PROJECT? – Regrettably, the new batteries and inverter that we purchased were never delivered and the solar panel was framed in wood rather than aluminum, causing it to begin to fall apart from exposure to the elements. At this point, we only have very old batteries and an old inverter which are not able to store the solar power. Pray for God’s intervention and justice as we are trying to retrieve these items from the dishonest man who bought them for us but never delivered them.

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