Pastors’ Conference in Haiti


Let me begin by declaring the wonderful works of God that took place this last week here in Haiti. The purpose of the conference and the reason I felt led by God to assist the leaders with putting together a teaching team was to impart God’s Spirit and life to these hungry and needy Haitian pastors through the ministry of the Word and through prayer and personal ministry. Thankfully, God had a lot of people praying for our team and for the pastors and leaders who attended. I am overjoyed in my spirit with how God’s Spirit moved in the lives of all who participated, as well as how He blessed, challenged, and inspired those of us on the teaching team (David White, David Sweat, & myself).

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God was preached for three solid days, and we know that His Word will not return void, but will bring about the purpose for which it was sent. The people received with open hearts the many messages that were taught, and God’s Spirit was moving to connect each message with the next in a providential pattern of foundations and principles. I was so privileged and blessed to be able to teach about disicipleship and the Kingdom of God, as well as how to live and walk in the Spirit and how to be a spiritual man. David Sweat taught the principles of stewardship, forgiveness, and faith in God. And David White laid a good foundation of faith and how to hear the voice of God, as well as some other related topics. All in all, the preaching and teaching accomplished the purposes that God had in orchestrating this conference. The pastors and leaders went home greatly encouraged, spiritually uplifted and challenged, strengthened in their faith and in their relationship with God, and better trained and equipped to fulfill the call of God on their lives and ministries. In the evenings, the conference was opened up to the public and members of the church that was hosting the conference, and the place was packed out. On the last evening, we handed out certificates of completion to each of the pastors and leaders who attended the conference. The people received us with open hearts and even prayed for us on the last day. My spirit rejoices in all that God’s Spirit did in the hearts and lives of those who attended.



In addition, each of the team members received multiple blessings and enlarged vision for reaching Haiti with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. During our two day trip up to Cape Haitian, God orchestrated in his sovereign way to have us meet a true “father of the faith” named Tony Paul. In fact, we were blessed to be able to spend the night in his beautiful mission guest house where we each got a shower, a good night’s sleep, and several wonderful meals. In addition to their generous hospitality, we enjoyed some dear fellowship in the Spirit with Tony and his wife and daughter.



The biggest blessing we each received was to sit at his feet and hear him share his powerful testimony of how God saved him out of a life of Voodoo, poverty, sickness, despair, and hopelessness, as well as how God turned his life around for his glory and then used him to proclaim Jesus as Lord over Haiti. He told us of how God preserved his life when he took a public stand on the radio against the government and the voodoo priests who were trying to renew the two hundred year contract with the devil through a planned ceremony in 1991. We heard of how they wanted him dead, threatened his life, and tried to kill him and his team. He was even arrested right in the middle of an 8-day crusade by the Chief of Police and thrown into jail with two other leaders. And yet, God was with them and they overcame the enemy by the power of the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death. We were so amazed at God’s fruit in his life that we asked him the next day if we could record his testimony so that we could remember it and share it with others back in the US. He was gracious to let us do that the next day, and we now plan to transcribe his testimony and make it available to others to read and be encouraged in their faith. The visit to Tony’s house was totally unplanned, and yet God had planned it all along and worked in our circumstances to get us to stay the night at his house and hear his testimony. David, David, and myself were each stirred up in our spirits to pray more and ask God for greater effectiveness for the Gospel in Haiti as God transforms it from a Voodoo nation of darkness and poverty and misery to a Christian nation that exalts and worships the God of the Bible and where Jesus reigns supreme.