Listening Intently to God’s Voice

“For us to become this ‘end-time prophetic voice,’ we must abide in the presence of the Lord and intently listen for and respond to His voice. This requires a separation from other voices…” – Wade Taylor

For all of you who wonder what these Fribergs have been doing since we returned from Haiti, this is it. We’ve been abiding in His presence and listening intently to His voice so that we can respond and obey His will and do what He is showing us to do.

This time of transition has been a season of separation from other voices – in order to hear His voice clearly and then to be able to respond in obedience and do His will. Jesus did nothing unless He saw the Father doing it, and we must do the same. Instead of simply rushing back overseas on our own, we must first wait upon Him and hear His voice, and only then move forward in obedience to His voice.