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Josiah Friberg  –  President and Founder

Josiah & Brenda, Caydia & Judah Friberg,  Educating Generations for Christ

Josiah & Brenda, Caydia & Judah Friberg, Educating Generations for Christ

Josiah grew up on the mission fields of Afghanistan and Iran, and later served as a missionary to Japan and South Sudan. After studying at Moody Bible Institute, he transferred to Gordon College where he graduated with a B.A. in Biblical Studies. After earning his M.A. degree in Teaching E.S.L. at U.C.L.A., Josiah spent 15 years teaching international students & immigrants. In 2008 God called Josiah to devote himself to the cause of Christian education. Since 2010, he and his wife have been home educating their two young children, and he has become a strong proponent of the Principle Approach® method and philosophy of Christian education. After working with the Exodus Mandate Project for a year, Josiah was led by God to launch this ministry to educate generations for Christ. He now serves as the president and chief executive servant of the ministry. One of his main functions is to train and equip parents, teachers, and grandparents for the work of educating future generations for Christ. In 2013 God sent Josiah to begin working in Haiti and partnering with Eben-Ezer Mission. Josiah functions as an Educational Consultant and Professor at the Christian University of Haiti where he overseas teacher training and is discipling the next generation of Haitian leaders.

According to Josiah, “Educating and training multiple connected generations for Christ is our God-given vision for Haiti. We have been called to shape, sharpen, and mentor the next several generations and then to help aim them in the right direction to make the maximum impact for the Kingdom of God and to destroy the works of the enemy in the process. This is the family ministry of Josiah & Brenda Friberg, in unison with our spiritual “arrows,” Caydia and Judah. We live in Gonaives, Haiti, and partner with Eben-Ezer Mission and the Christian University of Haiti. We love being missionaries here and doing the will of Him who sent us.”

Brenda Friberg  –  Vice-President & Treasurer 

Brenda is a graduate of BIOLA University and an accountant by trade. She worked for 11 years in corporate America before having kids and choosing to be a full-time mother and homemaker. She loves investing her life into home educating her two children for Christ and His Kingdom purposes. She has been practicing Principle Approach® philosophy and teaching methodology for the past several years and is a strong proponent of Biblical worldview curriculum. Brenda is a strong pillar of support to Josiah and the fulfilling of the family vision God has given the Fribergs. She lives as a missionary with her husband, Josiah, and her children in Gonaives, Haiti.

Eric Baesel  –  Board Director 

Eric is a creative producer for Insight for Living, an international Bible-teaching ministry of Charles Swindoll. He is an audio engineer by trade, having produced dozens of radio theater productions and is the producer of the Paws & Tales weekly Children’s radio drama. Eric is a home school dad of four and a strong supporter of Principle Approach® Christian education. Eric and his wife, Laura, live in Texas.

Gary Stoppard  –  Board Director

Gary is the office manager for Gary Oates Ministry located in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. Gary is a home school dad of three growing boys. Gary and his wife, Rachel, live in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina on their own homestead.


Israel Wayne  –  Israel is a homeschooled graduate who is leading his generation in defending the Christian faith and developing a Biblical worldview. He serves as the Marketing Director for Wisdom’s Gate and is an accomplished author of two books: Homeschooling From a Biblical Worldview, and his latest, Full-Time Parenting: A Guide to Family-Based Discipleship. Israel has been a popular conference speaker since 1995 & is a frequent guest on national radio programs discussing home education and cultural issues from a Biblical perspective. Israel and his wife, Brook, live in Michigan and have been home educating their children since 1978.

Dan Smithwick  –  Dan is the founder and president of Nehemiah Institute & has been actively engaged in Biblical worldview studies since 1986.  Dan authored the PEERS Test in the mid 80’s which remains the only professionally validated worldview assessment for the Christian community. Dan is author of Where are We Going and Pillars of the World, two new worldview studies designed for church small group use.  These materials are part of new work found at www.pillarsoftheworld.com.  Dan and wife Faye of 45 years reside in Orlando, Fl.

Connie Moody  –  Connie serves at the Foundation for American Christian Education as the Principle Approach Commonwealth Director of Teaching and Training Services. She previously led the transition of Summit County Christian School in Colorado to the Principle Approach® in 1998. Connie has been a professional in the field of education since 1983. She has served as a classroom teacher, a curriculum writer, a program coordinator, a school administrator, and a professional development trainer. She lives with her husband, Del, in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Dan Schneider  –  Dan has served the cause of biblical education for over forty years as a teacher, school administrator, school board member, researcher, and consultant.  He has a B.A. degree in history and an M.A. degree in education.  His post graduate studies include studies in Christian School Administration at Oral Roberts University, an internship in Principle Approach® with the Foundation for American Christian Education, and Biblical Worldview Studies at Summit Ministries.  Dan has three sons and two daughters who have been serving the Lord in pastoral ministry and missions in the U.S., Mexico, and the Middle East.  Having all been educated in Christian schools, they now home school Dan’s fifteen grandchildren.  Currently Dan is serving as family life pastor in a church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Josh Vaughn  –  Josh and his wife, Sarah, have 4 children, with their fifth one on the way.  He has been working in the area of education for 12 years and has a master’s degree in Christian Education. God led him to California where he & Sarah began KLIP International.  This is an education center for children, parents and teachers based on the Principle Approach® to Christian education.  Their goal is to educate students through reading, reasoning, and writing, and to develop in them a character with the capacity for self-government.  They also help parents that desire to home school their children and train teachers in the science and art of Biblical education.  They realize that change always begins in the family and they are dedicated to do their part to help families in the education and discipleship of their children.


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