10 Foundational Principles of Kingdom Education

10 Foundational Principles of a Biblical

Christ-centered Philosophy of Kingdom Education

The Cornerstone:  The purpose of Kingdom education is to perpetuate our faith and covenant with God to our children and to teach them to pass it on to their children from generation to generation – Psalm 78:1-11.

The education of children and youth…

1. Is the primary purpose and responsibility of parents and grandparents (Dt. 4:9 “Make them known to your sons and grandsons.”).

2. Is an all day and all week discipleship process that continues from birth to spiritual maturity, until they are conformed to the image of Jesus (Rom 8:29).

3. Must be based on God who is the essence of reality, God’s Word as the ultimate source of absolute truth, the renewal of the mind with God’s Word and Spirit of Truth, and training in biblical scholarship.  It must lead to wisdom and knowledge of God by connecting all knowledge to a biblical God-centered worldview, based in the reverential fear of the Lord.

4. Must exalt Christ as preeminent in all of life and as the center of all teaching and learning.

5. Teaches them that the purpose of their lives and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life, to know God’s voice, and to love and serve God wholeheartedly and keep His commandments.

6. Must have as its primary goals the salvation and discipleship of the next generation, as well as teaching them to keep their covenant with God and to perpetuate their faith from generation to generation.

7. Must aim to form Christ-like character & Christian love by depositing in them moral virtue and forming godly habits, while reproving and correcting the temper, so that they are self-governed internally by the Spirit of God and His Kingdom principles.

8. Children’s worldviews will be patterned after the worldviews of their teachers. Thus, home school parents must have a biblical worldview, and if parents delegate any of their educational responsibilities to others, they must carefully choose teachers with a biblical worldview who will follow these ten principles.

9. Must train them in wisdom, knowledge, and discernment so as to equip them to know and fulfill their Providential purpose in God’s Kingdom.

10. Must not hinder their spiritual and moral development or cause them to stumble and be led astray, but rather must protect them from the ungodly influence of the world, its false philosophies, lies, immorality, human traditions, and the deceptions of the evil one.


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