Good News from Haiti – God’s Providential Provision & Care

First, praise Yahweh Yirah that a well is in the process of being drilled here at the Eben-Ezer Mission base which will provide safe clean water for the children’sDSCF1236 (360x480) home, the Friberg’s & other missionary housing, Dr. Claire’s household, and for all of the other mission buildings, as well as enough extra water to use for irrigation of our agricultural co-op and farm. After food, water is the people’s biggest physical daily need for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry, cleaning, etc. Many Haitians walk long distances to find water wells and carry it home.

Second, praise Yahweh for the solar power panel that has been installed on the roof of the children’s home so that they now have electricity day and night and which will be shared with the Fribergs when we move in upstairs. The vast majority of people living in rural DSCF1040 (480x360)areas live without any electricity, which means when the natural light of the sun is turned off at night, everything is very dark. During my 13 weeks, I’ve learned to do quite a few things in the dark. One of my students loves to read and study in the evening, but he has no access to electricity so he cannot read after 7 pm. God is here at work on this big challenge. He is in the process of creating separate electrical zones on our mission base where each zone is powered by its own solar panels. We’re not there yet, but we are getting closer to this goal. One issue we keep facing is wiring problems which are the result of builders from France who used their 220 way of doing things while trying to create 110 volt systems here. The result is the wrong wiring embedded in concrete which causes all kinds of short circuit problems when we hook up the solar power. Pray for this challenge to be solved so that we can begin enjoying the solar power God has given us.

Third, two weeks ago we took nine UCH students to the U.S. Embassy to apply for visas so that they can travel to the U.S. to receive supplemental training in their fields of study. Much prayer was offered up by the saints here beforehand. We got up at 4:30 am, drove to the capital, and then spent five hours waiting to be interviewed. Because we were a group, DSCF1349 (480x355)we were the last ones to be seen. They began by interviewing me as the group’s representative, and then proceeded to interview each student. One by one, each student received God’s favor and their visa, which was a real miracle! We left the embassy with much rejoicing and singing in the goodness of our God. We finally made it home after a long 16-hour day…but boy, was it worth it. However, that wasn’t the end of the story. A week later, we sent two students back to pick up the passports and visas, not knowing if they would grant 3-month or 1-year visas. To our utter amazement at God’s goodness, every student received a 5-year visa!! This was truly a miracle demonstrating the favor and power of God to provide for His children abundantly.

DSCF1231 (480x220)Finally, these nine students will be coming to America this summer for 4-6 weeks to receive further training in various areas of study such as Christian education, a biblical worldview, worship and music, GED program, and language translation. Lord willing, we plan to send four pairs of students to different parts of the US. The students will be paired up with a fellow student who has the same educational goals. Small teams of two Haitian college students each will be much easier for families and churches to host and to get to know while helping provide opportunities for them to accomplish their goals. This week the student pairs are writing up the educational goals for their trip, and then we will be sending this information to various individuals (and churches) in America to see who can host a pair this summer. We already have one pair lined up to study worship arts and music with Jackie Pierre of Plymouth, Mass. We are looking for hosts for the other three pairs. If you would be interested in hosting one of these UCH student pairs, please contact us right away and we can send you more information about their goals to see if it would be a good match. By the way, the ninth student is the daughter of one of our leaders and she will be going to the U.S. with her father making a father-daughter pair.

Prayer Requests:cropped-EGCWebsiteBanner.jpg

  1. Pray with us for the big project of moving our family to Haiti and setting up a home above the children’s home with a functioning kitchen and working plumbing. Target move date is August.
  2. Pray that God would send us an English language teacher and a French language teacher to help teach in the Language Institute of UCH beginning in August. Pray also for Christian professors who are willing to come short-term and long-term to teach courses in our Christian university (UCH).
  3. Pray for a local Christian leader, Pastor Roosevelt, to be released from prison. He was arrested recently after being falsely accused by his political opponents in order to prevent him from running for mayor of Gonaives. And pray for the leaders of the mission here as well to lead by God’s wisdom, walk by His power, and feed and mentor His sheep: Pastor Michel Morisset, Pastor Joshua Jean, Pastor Cornet, Dr. Claire Chappuis, Brizard Valcin, Jean Noel Preval, and others.
  4. Finally, pray for me and the many large responsibilities I have here with implementing Principle Approach education in our schools, training teachers, mentoring and teaching our university students, starting UCH’s Language Institute in August, and preparing to relaunch and enroll students in the Christian University of Haiti for the fall semester. There is much work to be done, and I need the multifold grace of God to accomplish this in His power and wisdom, trusting in Him completely and not relying on the arm of the flesh. This is a great spiritual work of spiritual transformation, character formation, teaching, mentoring, and equipping, which must be done by God in us and through us. It is impossible to do this work in our own strength, but praise God, we can do all things through Christ who lives in us and who strengthens us to do His will for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Josiah Friberg Begins Teacher-Training in Haiti


Pray for Brizard and Julienne Valcin, the principals of Eben-Ezer’s Schools


Josiah Friberg, promoting the Christian University of Haiti (UCH)


This is the orphanage where 23 orphans live. The Friberg family is preparing to move into the second floor apartment once a well has been dug and a kitchen has been put in and some refurbishing takes place. Work teams needed.


Pray for my beloved Haitian team of education leaders: Dr. Claire, Brizard, Julienne, and Jaccene.

DSCF0831 (640x432)

Josiah doing valuable teacher-training of most of Eben-Ezer Mission’s school teachers, with an emphasis on the elementary teachers.


Students in Eben-Ezer’s EPI school at the mission base.


This is the enclosed 10-acre parcel where we are planning on building a missionary community for the faculty of the Christian University of Haiti, as well as to house the orphans and visiting teams.


During morning chapel at the large Eben-Ezer Mission school in Gonaives.


Here are the 23 orphans who live in Eben-Ezer Mission’s orphanage. Pray for Cornet and his wife who are the resident parents of these precious kids.


Daughters of Principals Brizard and Julienne. Beautiful!


One of the precious orphan children.

Josiah Friberg has made his second trip to Gonaives, Haiti, to continue the teacher-training that he began last summer in North Carolina with four key education leaders from Eben-Ezer Mission. Josiah is there now training teachers and implementing the Principle Approach to Christian education in Eben-Ezer’s two schools. He is also helping to restructure and relaunch the Christian University of Haiti (U.C.H.), including establishing the first Principle Approach Christian Teacher’s College to train teachers for the whole nation. Please pray for Josiah as he prepares to move his family to Haiti. The plans are for the Fribergs to live on the second floor of the mission’s orphanage, upstairs from 23 precious orphans. Pray for the well that needs to be dug on the property for safe clean water, as well as the refurbishing of the second floor to make it a livable apartment for the Friberg family. Finally, pray with us for God’s abundant provision so that all the costs of moving the Friberg family to Haiti can be covered and this transplant can be fully accomplished.

In addition, we are recruiting English language and French language teachers for our Language Institute of the Christian University of Haiti. We are also recruiting for professors to come short-term or long-term to teach Bible and theology, administration and management, and teaching and education courses. This is a great work of God and we have already seen many miracles by our awesome God! All praise to our King who leads us into victory through His Spirit.DSCF0475058

Educating Generations for Christ Newsletter Dec 2012

Education Today Forms the Nation of Tomorrow.  Help Us Educate Haiti for Christ Today

to Lay the Foundation for a Christian Haiti of Tomorrow.


We recently completed an intensive 12-week teacher-training program with four Haitian educators in Patterson, NC. Each day Josiah laid the foundations of Principle Approach education, a Christian philosophy of education, Biblical teaching methodology, a Biblical worldview, and a providential overview of American history. Daily we prayed together, meditated on God’s Word, studied, researched, learned from primary sources, discussed Biblical principles, uncovered pagan ideas, rejected false philosophies of education & government, and “reasoned from revelation” to better understand God’s standard of Christ-centered education. We cooked, ate, & cleaned up the kitchen together while we lived together as a community of disciples. After growing together as a team for 10 weeks, we took a historic tour of Colonial America and attended the Foundation for American Christian Education’s Conference on Christian Scholarship. It was amazing to watch our Father provide all of the needed finances as we trusted in Him. We visited Boston, Lexington, Concord, and Plymouth where we enjoyed the hospitality of Norm & Jacque Friberg & of Nancy Smith. Then we traveled to Virginia where we learned from four Christian scholars: Paul Jehle, Gai Ferdon, Marvin Wilson, and Carole Adams. The 12-week program was such a valuable and productive time of training, discipling, and bonding for us as a team. Now the first stage of implementing Principle Approach® Christian Education in Haiti is completed. With the educators’ return to Haiti, we’re now in transition towards moving to Haiti in 2013.


Yes, the Holy Spirit is sending us as a family to Gonaives, Haiti. Our ministry, Educating Generations for Christ, is partnering with Eben-Ezer Mission and the Christian University of Haiti (Université Chrétienne d’Haïti or UCH), to implement Principle Approach education in the university and their schools. Eben-Ezer Mission is an indigenous ministry pioneering Christian education in Haiti, and through their network of schools, co-ops, churches, and community organizations, has a tremendous influence across the nation. God has now positioned them to implement Principle Approach education in their schools and university, and then to reach out and train Christian teachers all over Haiti to follow their lead and lay a solid Biblical foundation for the next generation and beyond. “Principle Approach education is the historic method of Biblical reasoning that makes the truths and principles of God’s Word the basis of every subject in the school curriculum. We are amazed at the level of passion and commitment these Eben-Ezer Mission leaders have displayed against all odds, as they trust God to use Christian education to lay a new foundation upon Christ and His Word for their university, their schools, and for schools all over Haiti. But much help is needed!


Josiah’s Ministry Ordination 2012

Josiah has been appointed by Eben-Ezer Mission to oversee all educational training and professional development of the faculty and staff for the Christian University of Haiti and Eben-Ezer Schools. Under Josiah’s leadership, UCH is now being restructured and transformed into a Principle Approach based Christian university that will offer three degree programs in 2013: Teaching & Education, Bible & Theology, and Administration & Management. In time, five other degree programs will be added: engineering, agronomy, communications, music & arts, and medicine. Josiah is responsible for laying the foundation of a Christian philosophy and methodology of education and for establishing the first Christian Teachers’ College in Haiti. The Teachers’ College will train teachers for all of Eben-Ezer’s schools, as well as teachers from all districts of the country.


The poverty of Haiti is well known and recently exacerbated by earthquakes and hurricanes. Christians long to see Haiti prosper and enjoy civil liberty, but the only lasting help for Haiti is to establish Biblical principles of life and self-government in the hearts of the next generation. Would you help send the Friberg family to Haiti to educate and disciple Haiti into a Christian nation by making a contribution to this ministry? Finances are needed for airline tickets, moving expenses, shipping a container and a vehicle, living expenses, family needs, and educational training materials. Material supplies are also needed (please see list at end of letter). By helping send the Fribergs to train leaders in Christian education, you will be helping to lay the foundation for a new Christian Haiti of tomorrow. We know the best way to disciple a nation is through the education of its children. Teaching Biblical principles is the key to bringing Haiti out of its impoverished state and into the full liberty of Christ. Help the Fribergs make this possible!


Josiah & Brizard inviting and recruiting Christian college professors, teachers, and mission workers to come help teach in the Christian University of Haiti and in the Eben-Ezer Schools, and to assist in many other community outreach projects.

Eben-Ezer Mission was founded in 1969 by Pastor Michel Morisset in Gonaives. It is one of the oldest indigenous Protestant mission organizations in Haiti whose broad influence has reached across the nation for 43 year. Its ministries include the Christian University of Haiti, several Christian schools, a vocational school, a national education network, several churches, a Christian hospital, a Christian Credit Union Co-op, an agricultural network, an orphanage, etc. Eben-Ezer Mission pioneered the first Christian secondary school in Gonaives and established the first Christian university in Haiti. Would you come as a short-term worker or with a mission team to help serve God with us?


We are now recruiting godly Christian professors for UCH who have a strong Biblical worldview and solid Christian character, who are trained or willing to be trained in Principle Approach education, who are experienced teachers with a passion for teaching and for truth, and who are willing to temporarily lay down their lives to serve the Lord in Haiti where He is transforming a nation for His glory. Retired, self-supporting, experienced, and successful professionals with graduate degrees in their field of expertise would be highly valued.

Thank you for your prayers and support which help empower us to obey God’s call to reach the nation of Haiti for Christ, for the glory of God’s Kingdom, and for future Christian generations,

Josiah & Brenda Friberg  with  Caydia & Judah

If you would like to partner with us to disciple and educate Haiti’s next generation for Christ, donations can be sent to:

Educating Generations for Christ,

P.O. Box 1110, Moravian Falls, NC  28654

Donations can also be made online at our ministry website:

Contact us at:  (336) 921-4466

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Slide presentation on Haiti:



Finances – for monthly support, airline tickets, moving expenses, shipping a container & a vehicle, needed supplies, etc.

Material supplies –  2 much-needed laptops, a gas stove, a generator, 2 air conditioners, fans, beds, dressers, shell for pickup truck, tropical clothing, vitamins, 2 cell phones, pots & pans, 2 English-French Bibles, French language course, etc.


Godly Christian professors willing to relocate to Haiti for 1-3 years

Godly Christian professors willing to come short-term and teach for 3-6 weeks

Christian college students desiring to be trained as Principle Approach teachers & earn a Teaching Degree


Principle Approach books, resources, materials, curriculum, Bible & theology study tools and software.

Specific Christian books and classics in English and in French for the university library and for the school curriculum.

Educational tools and technology such as photocopy machines, computers, software, overhead projectors, computer screen projectors, sound systems, audio-visual equipment, quality video camera for distance learning courses, band instruments, etc.

Fribergs Deployed to Haiti as Missionaries & Christian Education Ambassadors

NEWS FLASH:  The FRIBERGS are moving to HAITI very soon…

During the recent 12-week teacher-training program with the educational leadership of Eben-Ezer Mission in NC, the Fribergs received orders from Headquarters through their Captain that they are being deployed to the strategic location of Gonaives, Haiti. The Fribergs have been commissioned to disciple the nation of Haiti for the Kingdom of God through Christian education.

They have been assigned the strategic task of restructuring the Christian University of Haiti and Eben-Ezer Mission’s schools and of overseeing all of the training and implementing of “Principle Approach” Biblically-based and Christ-centric education. In addition, Josiah will be laying the groundwork for establishing the first Christian Teachers’ College in Haiti. This critical task will include a nation-wide teacher-training bachelor degree program to raise up a new generation of Christian teachers to educate future Haitian generations for Christ, for His Kingdom, and for His glory.

PRAY for the Fribergs as they prepare to leave their home, family, and friends, to go and serve with their Captain in the discipling and transforming of a nation that is called to be a light to the world and that glorifies God in the earth. Lord willing, Josiah will be leaving in mid-January to begin the next phase of teacher-training, and his family will join him in Haiti several months later once housing has been set up and personal effects have been shipped. The Fribergs request your intercessory prayers for their move and for God’s grace and provision to fulfill the mission that is before them.

Josiah & Brenda Friberg, along with their two kids, are deploying to Gonaives, Haiti, to start the first Christian Teachers’ College in Haiti and to restructure and relaunch the Christian University of Haiti.

John Milton on Education

The purpose of education is to allow God to renew our minds by His Spirit of Truth and by His Word of Truth, thereby imparting His zoe life into our hearts and spirits, so that we may once again know God, fellowship with God, commune with God, love God, become like God, and to experience God in all His fullness. Education involves and includes discipleship, instruction, discerning the fear of the Lord, humbling our hearts to receive God’s revelation of Himself, repentance, rebirth, reconciliation to God, renewal of our minds and hearts, and training in righteousness. The purpose of this ministry is to participate with God in the educating of future generations for Christ so that they may know Him, love Him, follow Him, obey Him, commune with Him, abide in Christ, and keep their covenant with God and keep His commandments, and to pass the baton on to the next generation so that they too will know God and keep covenant with Him.

Harvard College Mission Statement in 1636

Harvard College Mission Statement 1636

The Pilgrims landed in Plymouth in 1620. The Puritans of England began arriving in 1630. They started what became known as the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Within six or seven years of arriving in the New World, the Puritans established the first college in America known as Harvard College. The Puritans were the fruit of the Protestant Reformation, and when they came to start their own Christian colony, a “city set on a hill,” one of the first things they did was establish a private Christian college for the purpose of training ministers and missionaries for the glory of God and for the advancement of the Christian faith in the New World. Today, once again, America needs to take the lead in establishing truly Christ-centered educational institutions from elementary schools up through colleges and universities. Biblical worldview Christian education is the calling of the Christian family and the Christian church.

My heart cries out to God today for a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview, Principle Approach-based TEACHERS’ COLLEGE in America that would be established to train Christian teachers with a Christ-centered & Biblical philosophy of education, a Biblical worldview, Biblical teaching and learning methods, and a thoroughly Christian curriculum. We desperately need such a teachers’ college to help prepare Christian teachers to teach Christian children in private Christian schools. Contact our ministry if you are interested in supporting, in building, and in helping to establish such a teachers’ college.

Comparison of Worldviews: Noah Webster vs. John Dewey

Noah Webster, the Father of American Christian Education & Scholarship, believed strongly that the religion of Christ is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed. God used Noah Webster to build the solid foundation of Christian education and scholarship in America, which can only be founded on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Fast forward nearly 100 years to meet John Dewey, the Father of Modern American “Progressive” Education. Dewey was an atheist, a humanist, and possibly more than anyone else laid the foundations of the current public school system that is destroying the foundations of our Christian heritage and the lives of millions of children. The state education system that indoctrinates millions of young minds and hearts every day into atheism, humanism, evolution, moral relevance, sexual immorality, and socialism – is the bad & rotten fruit of Mr. John Dewey. This anti-Christian and ungodly pagan indoctrination in the public schools is the root cause of the decline of Christianity and morality in America. If you think about it, the founder of today’s public schools, John Dewey, believed and taught and built state education on many lies, two of which are: there is no God and there is no soul.

Naturally, any educational system built on these two lies, along with a multitude of other lies, deceptions, and errors, would produce “bad” fruit – fruit that would poison the minds and hearts of numerous generations against God, against truth, against the Bible and the principles of the Kingdom of God, against morality, against the family and marriage. Jesus warned us to “beware” of such false prophets and false teachers who would come to us as sheep but who are inwardly ravenous wolves seek to deceive and destroy many. His advice to us, in fact, his commandment to every Christian, is to “beware” of them, to evaluate and judge them by their fruit, and if their fruit is bad, to not eat of its fruit. Such trees are good for nothing and should be cut down and thrown into the fire. Please read Matthew 7:13-20 and you will see that Jesus commands his disciples to enter by the narrow gate, for the gate is wide, and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter by it. But small is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few are those who find it. We must choose today whom we will serve. We must choose the philosophy of education laid down by Jesus and the apostles and developed in America through Noah Webster – OR we passively do nothing and continue to be poisoned and deceived by chief false teacher, John Dewey, and his followers. The choice is ours, and the truth is, God will hold each parent responsible for what they do and do not do to educate their children for Christ.

What Is More Important Than Educating Our Children for God?

As parents who have been given the stewardship of our children by God, what could possibly be more important than doing our heavenly Father’s will and educating His children for Christ? R.L. Dabney was the premier theologian of the South during the Civil War era. He clearly saw the absolute necessity of bringing up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord according to Ephesians 6:4. I pray that Christian parents all over the world would understand God’s clear will for the education of their children, and that they would rise up and diligently apply themselves to this “most important business done on earth.” I encourage you to meditate upon Psalm 78:1-11, especially verses 4-7.

Educate our Children for Christ – Not for the State

As Christian parents entrusted by God with the education of our children for Christ, we must do all we can to avoid getting entrapped by this major underpinning of a socialist, ungodly, controlled society – the public school system. If we truly value our freedom in Christ, and if we truly want to be and remain a free people in Christ under God, then we must forever reject submitting to the welfare system known today as “public education.”

Let us each devote ourselves to doing what Jesus has commanded us to do, which is to make disciples of our own children first, teaching them to observe all that He has commanded us, and to raise our children in the fear of the Lord and in His spiritual admonition. Let us learn how to educate our children for Christ according to God’s clear educational mandate in: Deuteronomy 6:4-7,  Matthew 28:19-20, Ephesians 6:4, and Psalm 78:4-7. Meditate upon these Scriptures until they get deep down in your heart and then ask the Father to help you implement them by the power of His Spirit of Truth.

Motto:  Parents, teachers, & grandparents passing the torch of faith to future generations.