Core Biblical Values

This ministry will accomplish its mission by honoring and building upon the following core Biblical values:

The Bible:  God-breathed, inspired, inerrant, infallible, and the authoritative Word of God

Jesus Christ:  The Son of God, Messiah, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords, the Word of God incarnate, who is preeminent in all things; for from Him, & through Him, & to Him are all things; in Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom & knowledge; .

The Kingdom of God:  Everything Jesus taught and did in His ministry was centered on the Kingdom of God.

The Local Church:  God-ordained spiritual life community of those who have been “called out” of the world and spiritual darkness to abide in Jesus and His light-life, with Christ as its head.

The Christian Family:  The foundational God-ordained unit of society consisting of one man & one woman, husband & wife, and the godly offspring God gives them, and which is the most basic sphere of authority & government on earth.

A Biblical Christ-centered Philosophy of Education:  The ten foundational biblical principles that govern God’s plan for educating future generations according to Christ.

The Great “Education” Commission:  Christ’s mandate to every Christian in Matt. 28:19-20 is to make disciples of all nations,  beginning with their own children and then others, who will know and love God, keep His commandments, and be renewed in their minds so that they engage & influence the culture for Christ and the Kingdom of God from a God-centered biblical worldview.

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