Ministry Purposes & Objectives

I. To train, assist, & equip Christian parents & grandparents and Christian school teachers to fulfill their primary purpose of educating future generations for Christ by following God’s plan to perpetuate their faith & covenant with God through Kingdom education as prescribed by God in Dt. 6:4-9, Ps. 78:1-11, Mt. 28:19-20, Eph. 6:4, & 2 Cor. 6:14-18.

II. To assist Christian parents on a national & international level by providing their young adults and college students with an intensive, relational, discipleship training process of teaching, mentoring, ministering, & modeling.

These young adults must be willing to count the cost, deny themselves, take up their cross, & follow Jesus. They will be discipled as Ambassadors of Christ & His Kingdom and will be trained in righteousness, faith, love, truth, prayer, worship, spiritual warfare, the character of Christ and fruit of the Spirit, a biblical Kingdom worldview, the gifts of the Spirit, ministry to the Lord and the ministry of the Word and the Spirit, a philosophy of Christ-centered education, and discovering the will and purpose of God for their lives so that they can serve God and fulfill their Kingdom purpose.

III. To implement Kingdom education on a local community level in North Carolina by partnering with Christian parents to assist them in educating & discipling their children for Christ through teaching courses on various subjects from a Christian biblical worldview.

IV. To inform, persuade, and encourage Christian parents (and grandparents) with children in public schools to fulfill their primary purpose of educating their children for Christ and of following God’s plan to disciple them through Kingdom education by proactively choosing either Christian home education or partnering with a quality Christ-centered biblical worldview school – or a hybrid, as prescribed in Dt. 6:4-9, Ps. 78:1-11, Mt. 28:19-20, Eph. 6:4, 2 Cor. 6:14-18.

V. To teach, proclaim, and publish the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the truth & principles of God’s Word, the Bible, including but not limited to, preserving, defending, and testifying to God’s ethical standard of righteousness and absolute moral code for mankind.

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