Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

To train, assist, and equip Christian parents, grandparents, and teachers for the work of educating future generations for Christ.

Ministry Mottos:

“Each generation teaching God’s Covenant to the next two generations.”

“Parents, grandparents, and teachers passing the torch of faith to future generations.”

“Kingdom education for the children of the King.”

Mission Vision:

The purpose of Kingdom education is to perpetuate our faith and covenant with God to our children and to teach them to pass it on to their children from generation to generation (Ps. 78:1-11). Kingdom education is a Christ-centered, Bible-based process of leading a child to Christ, discipling him in Christ, and equipping him to serve Christ and fulfill his Kingdom purpose. This is God’s plan to educate future generations with a God-centered worldview from which to think, act, and live according to God’s truth.

This equipping ministry is based on Christ’s gift of teaching and exists for “the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry,” so that parents and teachers can diligently educate future generations, in order to build them up their identity in Christ and in their faith & knowledge of God to spiritual maturity, so that they grow up in all aspects “into Christ.” Our mission is to equip parents and teachers to disciple the next generation to follow Jesus so that they are renewed in their minds, become rooted and grounded in His love, are established in their faith and in Christian character and self-government, and become “complete in Christ,” vessels of honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, and prepared for their Kingdom assignments. The ultimate objective is to develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ whose lives glorify God because they are built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and obedience to His commandments (Mt. 28:19-20).

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